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What Are The Best Lubricants To Use On Doors?


Lubricants are those substances used to decrease the amount of friction that goes on between two surfaces. One of the best known dry lubricants is the graphite. There are several ways you can use graphite lubricants but the most popular one is to use it for any type of machine and locks. graphite is actually considered a metal but since it is one of those soft ones, there is no problem in turning it into powder creating the best lubricant in dry form. WD 40 Lubricants are usually in liquid form and you can only use dry ones in some ways which are as follows:


You Can Use It For Locks


There will come a time when we have problems with our locks. We might not be able to twist and turn it any longer since it lacks lubrication. This can be very inconvenient given that locks are a way inside our home or anything that we keep safe. Imagine trying to get inside your own home and the key won't work on the lock. It can get very frustrating, right? Graphite dry lubricant is used to solve this issue. You see, when you break down a lock, you will notice how it is composed of several moving parts. These parts will stick together in the event that they experience to much friction. You then need to spray or pour some graphite into the lock to resolve the problem. This is also good in maintaining your locks in good condition. The friction can wear it out but if you just constantly apply dry lubricant then you can be sure that the lock will last long.


Use It For Pots And Pans


I am pretty sure you have several pots and pans in your home and if you have noticed, the more you use these things, the more these are exposed to heat, the faster these things will get worn out. Regardless if the main purpose of the material is to endure heat, there will come a time when it becomes to much and these things will break down. Not many people know this but you can actually protect and lengthen the life of your pots and pans by coating the outside with graphite or silicone spray lubricant. This material is able to withstand any amount of heat.


Use It For Machinery


S you may know already, any kind of machinery will always have moving parts inside them and this could potentially cause a problem given that there will always be friction created by these parts.


To lubricate an ignition key lock, be sure to head over to for tips.

Best Lock Lubricants